One of the biggest fear of going online is that fact that there are a lot of security risks involved. There’s a huge risk of your systems being hacked, your precious data being stolen.

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you! 

We provide at affordable rates:

  • Content management system – not only does it have the best security features for your content, but it also helps you keep the website updated and fresh. In addition, it is search engine optimization friendly and helps multiple users to work at a time
  • Sitelock – it aids in scanning for viruses, monitoring blacklists, vulnerability identification and so much more
  • Code guard website backup – it helps to automatically backup daily through WordPress or FTA plugins. Moreover, it monitors and alerts about daily changes. It has a special 1-click website restoration feature as well.
  • SSH port –  it allows for data to be encrypted which helps to secure and protect your user’s information and passwords from hackers. It provides protection from IP source routing, DNS and IP spoofing, data manipulation, eavesdropping of  transmitted data
  • Site guard –  help to secure your website and protect it from attacks
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