Building a web presence for your business doesn’t only mean you need a website and all your work is done. In order to be able to communicate with all external and internal stakeholders. Having an email will help you to create a more professional image for your brand. This will help you gain trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers. Routing your email through your business domain name probes your business is a genuine well established one.

So hire professionals, hire us!

We have experience in creating business emails at affordable rates in a relatively short time. So, your emails will be up and running in no time. Create your new enterprise emails with us today! We also specialise in providing email forwards services, so make sure you benefit from this added feature too!

You might also be interested in investing in a G suit. G suit comprises of Gmail, hangouts, calender, currents, Docs, sheets and so much more. Using a G suit for work will help you get a professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meeting etc. The benefits you can reap from a G suit include increased productivity and a visible reduction in software expenses. Isn’t that amazing! So get your self a G suit from us asap!

Once you are able to successfully set up an email account it’s time you may also want to decide which email protocol would you like to use. 

You can get the two most popular email protocols from optidigital. They are:

  • IMAP –  it allows for easy access to your email account for anywhere! You can also check your messages much more quickly and get greater control over which attachments are opened. The best part is that you can reap these benefits even if you are offline
  • POP-3 – this is another very popular and easy to use configuration. It always for attachments to be downloaded as they come so it’s quick and easy to read them. It also allows for messages to be read if you’re offline. In addition, it stores all email on local machine meaning it takes very less storage space. 


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