We also specialise in providing web hosting services. As a web host, we will provide you with the technologies you need for your website or webpage to be visible on the internet for all. We also specialise in email hostingVPS hosting and resellerhosting

We have collaborated with many companies such as;

  • Hostgator – provides hosting services at cheap rates and is perfect for small websites
  • Bluehost – this is another web hosting company and is one of the 20 largest web hosters. It has been recommended by WordPress to use for making websites

You will also want hypervisor. A hypervisor, also known as a virtual machine monitor, is a software/ firmware/ hardware that is able to create and run virtual machines. The computer which runs this virtual machine(s) is termed as a host machine. 

We also proved shared hosting servicesShared hosting will allow for one server to host a number of websites which he’ll to keep costs low.

At optidigital, you can also get Web Host Manager (WHM) . A Web Host Manager is a very powerful program which gives administrative access to the back end of a cPanel. A WHM will help configure reseller and end-user account. You’ll also be able to add, remove or make changes to IPs. In addition, it gives you the advantage to monitor activities of all accounts made on your website. Not only this, but you can also even suspend or terminate the services of these accounts. A WHM is a very useful tool you’ll want in your arsenal so get it today!

Similar to WHM, you could also make use of a cPanel. A cPanel (control panel) is another web hosting application that gives server administrators, resellers and end-users authority over different tools and functions on a website. Using this for your website will reap you numerous benefits, including:

  • Put up spam filters
  • Make email accounts
  • Initiate backup
  • Help keep an eye on your disk storage
  • Will give you access to feature and software’s like WordPress, Drupal etc

And so much more! Get your Control Panel application today from us!

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